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What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is a JavaScript based open-source framework for designing front-end web applications. It is maintained mainly by Google. It is mainly used as front-end MVC (Model View Controller). Due to its various applications for front-end development, Angular JS is also called as Model View Whatever (MVC) by some people. It aims to simplify the development and testing of web applications. It separates application logic from user view and it also handles dynamic binding effectively. Angular JS is best used in single page application which reloads a part of the page instead of the whole web page if a small data is changed. One of its most prominent feature is that it supports both web applications and mobile applications which two are the most used features in this internet age. With its rapid development and multi-utility features, Angular JS is becoming popular in web designing and arising as a prospective trend in the future.

Why to enrol in Angular JS training at Trishana Technologies, Bangalore?

Because we, Trishana technologies, have the best experts in Angular JS in our enrolment to meticulously craft the syllabus and to train visionary Angular JS developers for the future. Yes, we did mould hundreds of students every year to attain great heights in software industry with our hard work and dedication. We have the most far-reaching syllabus for Angular JS which includes the basics of web designing, Javascript and all the concepts and tools you need to successfully design a website with Angular JS. Our up-to-date systems and elaborate study materials adequately support our trainers to infuse maximum knowledge to our students. We also have the best after-course program with 100% placement assistance and maximum job opportunities from which you can choose your dream job. You can also see the comments of our previous students about this course and then decide for yourself. However, if you chose to join us, it will be the best course of action for your bright career.

Our Angular JS course Syllabus


  • Basic introduction Javascript.
  • Difference between Javascript and typescript.
  • Setting environment


  • Arichitecture of angularjs2
  • Component definition
  • Module definition
  • Meta data
  • Practise

Concepts Core

  • Forms definition
  • Service using JSON and binding the values
  • Ngfor, NgSwitch and other looping functions.
  • practicing the conditions
  • Components definition and practice
  • Module Definition and practice
  • Directive Definition and practice.

Build Mobile application

  • Dependency Injection
  • Cordova , Phone Gap and build Mobile application
  • Taking Android Build and checking the application.
  • Practicing the code in mobile application.

Hybrid Mobile application Development.

  • Dom Manipulation
  • Custom Directives
  • Ionic architecture and flow
  • How ionic working
  • Hybrid workflow and architecture.

Ionic Concepts

  • Ionic Navcontroller and other concepts.
  • Navpush and navpop.
  • Developing ionic components
  • practicing ionic


  • Building mobile application
  • Sample projects
  • Working with cordova plugins.
  • Implementing Cordova and testing it

Career Opportunities in Angular JS:

  • Angular JS Developer
  • UI (User Interface) Developer with Angular JS
  • Core Java and Angular JS Developer
  • Full Stack Developer – Angular JS
  • Front-end Developer – Angular JS
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