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Data Analytics with R Training in Bangalore

Every organisation today is searching for various possible ways in order to take out the information they will be requiring from the huge piles of data which is available to them. A lot of giant data systems administrators store, manage and transfer huge sets of data, making them compliant to analysis. So data analysis is the implementation of examining and analyzing raw data to recognize patterns and draw conclusions.

In addition to the huge gush in the big data interest come the increasing counts of certifications for the purpose of identifying the significant skills in working with huge data sets. Hence if you want to know every interesting aspect of data analytics with R then Data Analytics with R Training in Bangalore will help you in guiding in this field.

What is Data Analytics with R or Introduction to Data Analytics with R

Do you actually know what R actually is? What is its function? R is an extremely powerful language extensively used for data analysis and statistical computing. Developed in the '90s and still, huge efforts have been made for the purpose of improving R's user interface. This programming language has a different statistical and graphical method which includes a machine learning algorithm, linear regression, time series, etc. Data analytics with R is performed through a series of steps which are programming, transforming, discovering, modeling and communicating the results.

The Data Analytics with R Training in Bangalore will give you detailed training on the data analytics with R and its various concepts. The training will help you in making you a pro in the field of programming with Rand will help you in building a better future.

What are the objectives of Data Analytics with R Training?

The exclusive Data Analytics Course in Bangalore at Trishana Technologies will help you detailed knowledge and training on the R programming language and the various process of data analysis by using the R programming language.

The method of statistical analysis plays a significant role in snatching information from the data. The target of providing this training is to demonstrating, describing and understanding of the various ideas of data visualization as well as statistical analysis by utilizing the R programming language.

Some of the important objectives of the course are:

1. Help in getting familiar with the R programming language

2. Learning the data and output visualization method and publishing it in R

3. Learning the process of machine learning algorithms for data mining in R

Why should we learn Data Analytics with R?

We all know that programming language has gained a lot of importance over a few years. Therefore at Trishana Technologies, we provide Data Analytics Course in Bangalore which will make you potent enough to master the course and you will find that you have become a master in this field. As R contains about 5521 data packages most of the data scientists get every analysis with the help of R, r programming has the function of shelf graph that can be used anytime. There are quite a number of uses and applications of R programming language.

The reasons for choosing this course are:

1. Figure out the method of data analysis through EDS as a process of exploring data.

2. You will be able to analyze data at various levels by using proper visualizations

3. Get statistical knowledge for the purpose of data summarizing

4. Display curiosity and apprehension while performing data analysis.

How is Data Analytics with R different from other programming languages?

If the question is on the best programming language in data science, then there is no one best. A number of standouts are definitely available although each has its own specialty and packages and extensions which help in the further development of those extensions. Although at Trishana Technologies we give courses and pieces of training on every type of programming language and business analytics course in Bangalore the R programming language is trending and is demanded everywhere so we try to give more importance to it.

The basic constituent of R is like the other programming languages like Java or Python, R is a procedural language which means that it depends on a series of procedural subroutines for the purpose of performing a task. The main difference is that R uses methods to operate on data where every object related programming accumulates methods and data together.

Who should learn Data Analytics with R?

At Trishana Technologies we provide big data certification in Bangalore which will provide you the entire course on data analytics with r which can be enrolled by every one of you who are aspiring to be a master in the programming languages and can have a promising future. This course is meant for all of those who are eager to work in the analytics industry and also want to upgrade their technical skills. If you want to become a Data Analyst then this is the perfect course for you. It is also one of the important learning course for those who from the Mathematics, Statistics or Economics background and take great interest in Business Analytics.

A career in Data Analytics with R

Since we provide big data certification in Bangalore at Trishana Technologies, so we know that R programming language is till now the fastest growing domain in the software industry. The R programming language is mostly used by the Data Scientists. Many of the job prospects are increasing for this technology. A lot of reputed organisations are demanding for R developers. These help in developing the employees to become an expert in R. As it is a tool for the data scientists, proper knowledge on R will help you in drawing a high salary in multinational companies.

Additionally, if you want to start your career in business, then using this open source technology will help in examining the critical processes.

Prerequisites for Data Analytics with R training

At Trishana Technologies we offer big data analytics Course in Bangalore to everyone who is interested in learning the different aspects of the programming language and want to know about the software and programming industry. You can enroll for the course if you are from IT background, in case you are not from the IT background you must be 12 passes and it is compulsory to have the basic knowledge on the programming language.

At the end of the course, you will acquire the following skills

Being one of the Best Data Analytics Training Institute in Bangalore, at Trishana Technologies we make sure that you get to learn every important feature and aspects of the data analytics with R programming. It is

important for you to understand every single part of the course. The data analytics training will help you in:

1. Basic understanding of the business analytics

2. Installing R, R studio and workspace setup and get to learn about the different r packages

3. Learn the R programming and get to know how different statements are carried out in R

4. Achieve an in-depth knowledge and understanding of any data structure which is used in R programming and knows about the process of import and export of data in R

5. Get an idea of the usage of different graphics in R for the purpose of data visualization

6. Understand the use of linear, nonlinear reversion models and different classification methods for data analysis.

Features of Data Analytics with R training in Trishana

 Data Analytics with R interview questions and answers

Mention some important qualities of data Analyst

The main qualities which a data analyst must possess are being both analytical as well as abstract. He or she must have the idea on questions and answers and the way to get to an answer. A perfect analyst is the one who knows the best possible way to take out the imperfect data using different tricks and convert the information into as objective as possible.

He or she must comprehend that their work must not reveal any kind of appropriate answers in any condition. Also, a data analyst must understand the distinction of the data with which they are working

Sample Data Analytics with R based projects

Data Analytics with R Syllabus

Since we provide Hadoop Training in Bangalore at Trishana Technologies, we include every such topic related to data analysis and R programming which will help you in mastering the course properly. We focus on giving you clear ideas on every single topic so that you can implement them when you work in any reputed organisation. The syllabus of the course includes basic programming with R which includes an introduction to R, basic r language elements, in-depth study of language elements, functional programming

We have also included basic data elements which include data transformation, character manipulation, string manipulation, dates and timestamps and other important topics which are important for this course.


  • What is R?
  • Why R?
  • Installing R
  • R environment
  • How to get help in R
  • R console and Editor
  • Packages in R
  • CRAN
  • How to check package by date
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Data structure
  • Factors
  • Converting variable types
  • Missing values

Importing and Exporting in R

  • Loading data from file(Text,Csv,Excel)
  • Loading data from clipboard
  • Connecting MySQL in R
  • How to remove lines while importing
  • Saving R data format
  • Exporting in R(Excel,Text)

Data cleaning process

  • Concentrating strings
  • Find and replace
  • How to split string
  • Position based splitting
  • Semi matching condition
  • Condition based row/column selection
  • Renaming column names
  • Trim

Data manipulation

  • Data sorting
  • Find and remove duplicates record
  • Recoding data
  • Merging data
  • Data aggregation
  • User defined functions
  • Local and global variables
  • Date and Time format in R
  • Table function


  • For
  • If else
  • While
  • Break
  • Next
  • Return

Visualization in R

  • Bar, stacked bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Line chart
  • Scatter plot
  • Histogram
  • Column chart
  • Doughnut chart
  • Trending visualization charts in R

Advanced concept

  • Social media analysis(Twitter) through API
  • Web apps in R

Statistics and machine learning:

  • Standard deviation
  • Outlier
  • Linear regression
  • Multiple regression
  • Logistic regressions
  • Chi square
  • Anova
  • Clustering
  • Correlation
  • Decision tree
  • K-NN Algorithm

FAQs How can someone be a good data analytics?

In order to become a perfect data analyst, it is important to know every single facts and information and detailed knowledge of data analysis and R programming. This can be done by enrolling yourself in any Best Data Analytics Training Institute in Bangalore. Apart from that the basic qualities which can make you a good data analyst are:

1. Explaining a story in a short and simple manner

2. Must give attention to every single detail

3. He or she must be commercially savvy

4. Should be eager to learn new tools and skills

5. Must have a sense of beginning and ending point

What are the different types of data analysis?

There are different types of data analysis. Few of them are basic and some are quite descriptive, exploratory, and predictive as well as casual in nature. The qualitative analysis looks out for things such as patterns, colors, and quantitative analysis give importance to numbers.

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