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Data analysis is basically an approach for summarizing and visualizing the important characteristics of a data set. The exploratory data analysis focus to explore data to understand the underlying structures and variables of data. It also helps to decide the investigation with more formal statistical method. It has become an essential part of everyday life. After taking this course you will be able to conduct data analysis task yourself. R is a fully empowered programming language itself so after finishing this data analytics with R training in Marathahalli, you will be more comfortable programming in other languages as well.

What is Data Analytics with R or Introduction to Data Analytics with R

This open source programming language has gained its popularity in recent years and now this is universally accepted by all the statisticians and data miners and they believe that this is a number one language of data science. It includes the cutting edge technology to manipulate any data and help to create statistical models and charts that can be used for predictive modeling. The user can get here quick results because this is an open source. This is appreciated by the worldwide community and over two millions of users and developers like to use this. Trishana Technology's Data analytics with R training in Marathahalli will take you through the basic of this powerful language R.

Basically, this is both a programming language and free software for business analytics and graphics which runs pretty well in any operating system. You can get a detail of various conceptions of data analytics from Trishana Technology. No doubt this training will make you expert in the field of programming which will give you a better future ahead.

What are the objectives of Data Analytics with R Training?

As per the concept of the digital world, all the arena of life has been mapped and recorded in the digital realm. In that case, the aim of Data analytics course in Marathahalli is to provide hands-on extensive training and understanding the concepts of data visualization and statistical analysis using the R programming language. At Trishana Technology we help the students to be potent enough in the course so that the student can be master in this field.

Here the statistical analysis has an important role in extracting information from data. The specific objectives of this Data analysis with R are as follows:

1. To make familiar of R programming language

2. Data and information visualization and publishing in R

3. Using some applications of data analysis in the environmental field and social sciences

4. To know the machine learning algorithms for data mining in R

Why should we learn data analytics with R

We all know that a good data scientist is passionate coder-slag-statistician, and they believe there is nothing better programming language than R for a statistician. You may know that sometimes this statistic programming language is called the 'golden child' of data science. You can say to have Data analytics with R training in Marathahalli from Trishana Technology, means you are gaining a popular skill among data science. The data scientist who is an expert in R, now working with some biggest brands including Google, Facebook, Bank of America and the New York Times.

Additionally, all the companies appreciate the versatility of R's commercial applications which can be increased by the minute. We provide our best Technology to make our students good in R programming. Our students who have learned R from us are now working with the big brands. Here are some reasons that why you need to learn R is described below:

1. R is an open source and you can freely install, use an update, clone, modify, redistribute and resell it.

2. R can go with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

3. R is a powerful scripting language and it can handle large Complex data sets.

4. There are many new developments in statistics which first appear as R packages.

5. There are many publishers who love R because it integrates documents preparation systems like LaTeX easily.

How is Data Analytics with R different from other programming languages?

The academics and statisticians have developed R over two decades. Now R has one of the largest ecosystems for performing data analysis. We at Trishana Technology, provide a comprehensive guide with our Data analytics course in Marathahalli to our students to learn the basic of Data analysis with R. There are more than 13000 packages available in CRAN. So you can find here a library for whatever the analysis you want to do easily. Here the rich variety of R has made it as the first choice for statistical analysis, especially for analytical work Here the difference of cutting edge between R and other statistical products is the output. We will guide you to use the fantastic Brooks of R to communicate the results. Here communicate the findings with a presentation or a document is really easy than other languages.

Who should learn Data Analytics with R?

Learning R is somewhat tricky if you have no programming language or you are much familiar in working with a point and click statistical software versus a real programming language. R is rapidly gaining its popularity among the data scientist. You take your business analytics course in Marathahalli from Trishana Technology and spot it today in an increasing number of business settings.

If you want to be a data scientist then you should learn this course. With this course, you can get enough knowledge of data science what will make you perfect in the data science industry. If anyone from mathematics and statistics background, and having an interest in data science, then this is an ideal course for them.

A career in Data Analytics with R

As per the big data scientists, Data science with R is a high level of professional training that has brought revolution in the world of big data. So no doubt to say that the students who have gone through big data analytics course in Marathahalli are now professionals in the big data Analytics and IT industry. The goal of Trishana Technology is to arm you with enough data analysis with R knowledge so that you can spend your time here efficiently and end up with a bright career with the data science that you want.

You can get a lot of varied role option in the data science industry such as data visualization expert, a machine learning expert, a data scientist, data Engineer, etc. Basically, the R programming language is for the data scientist. So with proper knowledge in data science will help you to draw a high salary in any multinational company. Additionally, if you want to do business then the open source technology will help you to solve the critical factors.

Prerequisites for Data Analytics with R training

Basically, the big data certification in Marathahalli includes statistical computing and generation graphics. This language is distributed as a GNU package. This software can go with Linux and Windows platform. You can have a keyword from Trishana Technology to learn it in detail. But to learn 'R' programming language, the important prerequisites are:

Knowledge of statistic theory in Mathematics

You should have a solid understanding of statistics in mathematics

You should understand various type of graphs for data representation

You need to have prior knowledge of any programming language

At the end of the course, you will acquire the following skills

Trishana Technology which is one of the best data analytics training institutes in Marathahalli will make you understand every aspect and features of data analysis with R programming language. R is the most comprehensive statistical analysis package available Resources and information which incorporates all the standard statistical tests, models and analyses. It also allows you to have a comprehensive language for managing and manipulating data. So you can acquire the following things by taking data analytics with R course and Hadoop training in Marathahalli :

1. R is an interpreted language, so you can run your code without any compiler because R interprets the code and makes the development of code easier.

2. R is powerful and faster than any language so you can learn here to add functions to a single vector without putting it in a loop.

3. R is also used in biology, genetics and in statistics so here you can perform any type of task.

4. You can get here the idea of the usage of every tool of different graphic in R for data visualization

5. You can understand well the use of linear, nonlinear reversion models and other classification methods of data analysis

Features of Data Analytics with R training in Trishana 

Data Analytics with R interview questions and answers

How many data structure does R language have?

R language has homogeneous and heterogeneous data structures. Here the homogeneous data structure has some different types of projects such as vector, matrix and array and the heterogeneous data structure has different types of objects such as data frames and lists.

What is the difference between the data frame and a matrix in R?

Data frames basically contain heterogeneous inputs but the matrix cannot. In matrix, only the similar data types can be stored but in a data frame, there are different types of data can be stored such as characters, integers or other data frames.

Sample Data Analytics with R based projects 

Data Analytics with R Syllabus

At Trishana Technology, with our Hadoop training in Marathahalli, we will offer you comprehensive training what is exactly needed to be a certified data scientist. Here you will know the highest demand technology like data science with R is big data on Hadoop, SAS and execute concepts like exploration, Testing, Hadoop, spark, regression models and etc.

Basically, this course focuses on R which is an open source programming language that combines statistical modeling, big data analysis, simulation, and graphics. As per the professionals, it is considered as one of the most flexible and powerful tools for data science. With this big data analytics course in Marathahalli, we are covering all the necessary topics for becoming fluent in this language of R and also carrying the variety of tasks which are used in Data science application.


 Can I use R for commercial purposes?

As per the team of the R core, you can use R for commercial purposes such as in business or in consulting. Here the GPL, which is an open source licensed, permits all and any use of the package. But some activities other than copying, distribution, and modification cannot be covered with this license because they are outside of its scopes.

What is an R Library?

R library is the collection of R functions, data, and compiled code in a well-defined format. The directory where the packages are stored is called the library. You can find here the standard set of packages and the other can be downloaded or installed.

Our recent students' review

  • “Trishana Technology is a good place to gain big data certification in Marathahalli. Here the instructors are patient and polite. I have learned a lot from them. Thank you to provide me such a platform for data analysis with R learning " - Rupa
  • "The classes are informative and the faculties are helpful. All the queries are answered here by the faculties. They also arrange special classes for the students if they face challenges to understand anything. All over, this is the best data analytics training institute in Marathahalli for nurturing skills and shaping careers in the domain of analytics and data science ” - Shanaya

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