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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training in Bellandur Bangalore

In the recent years, numerous training institutes in Bangalore has started providing training on Amazon Web Services (AWS). However, only a few of them are providing the best AWS training and Trishana Technologies in Bellandur is the most important and successful one among them. We, Trishana technologies, are able to provide the best training because we know the secret to provide a successful and effective training program. You can see the success of our training at the best-ever (100%) placement record and the reputation of our training among the recruiters.

About AWS:

AWS stands for Amazon Web Series which is a part of, as the name suggests. It provides on-demand cloud-computing services on a paid subscription basis. It was initially launched in 2002 as a simple platform and re-launched in 2006 with the services of S3 and EC2. Currently, it offers more than 90 services such as storage, computing power, networking, database and analytics, developer tools, deployment, and management. The subscribers can have any number of full-fledged virtual computers at their disposal 24/7 through the Internet. It operates in 16 different geographical regions with another six regions on the pipeline. Charges are based on the usage of the resources, features selected by the subscriber, and the usage of associated services. It is used by government agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Multi-National Corporations (MNCs). AWS is becoming an important part of the infrastructure of companies and organizations in almost all fields. Therefore, the demand for AWS professionals is very high in the past few years. To make use of this opportunity, you should join the AWS training at Trishana technologies as soon as possible

Course Description:

Are you Searching AWS Training institute near me? Trishana Technologies is one of the prominent training institutes in Bangalore and it is successfully providing the best AWS training in Bellandur. The four pillars of a successful training program are the syllabus, trainers, infrastructure, and placement. And that is why we are concentrating more on these four areas. A brief explanation of the features in these four areas are given below.


Our syllabus is a comprehensive one to infuse the skills and knowledge expected by the recruiters. It includes all the concepts and technologies used in AWS along with the basics of daily activities of an AWS professional. It is updated after every batch to include the latest developments in AWS and to exclude the outdated topics.

Click on link for the complete AWS Syllabus: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Syllabus


Our trainers are experts in AWS and have 10+ years of work experience in the AWS domain. They also proved themselves as excellent trainers with very good communication skills and English knowledge. They are also passionate about AWS and teaching which makes the best choice to train the students in AWS.


Our computer lab and the classrooms have state-of-the-art systems and high-speed internet connection to make the training easier and effective. Also, all the systems in the lab have access to AWS service to train the students in real-time and in the working environment. We have smart classrooms with projectors to provide a live demonstration of the concepts and we have video-conferencing enabled lecture halls to provide online lectures by some of the leading AWS experts.


Our placement program is a perfect approach because it gets a job for the students and also guides the students for a great career. The preparation materials, old questions, mock tests and mock interviews prepare the students and then we arrange placement drives to help the students get a job. However, getting a job is easy when compared to keeping the job or progressing in the career. That is why we are providing sessions on English language and soft skills which will help the students have a great career in AWS domain.

There are also other special and important qualities in our training. Some of them are different timings to accommodate people with different time-needs, lowest fees structure in Bangalore so that anyone can join and study, top-quality study materials at no costs whatsoever, and lifelong access to the online resources of Trishana technologies containing information about AWS.

Certification:, the developer and the owner of AWS, is offering a variety of certifications for AWS. They are listed below, based on the job-profile and the level of expertise. Apart from the certifications listed below, there are also two specialty certificates available namely AWS certified Big Data and AWS certified Advanced Networking.

  • Solutions Architect (Professional, Associate)
  • DevOps Engineer (Professional)
  • Developer (Associate)
  • SysOps Administrator (Associate)
  • Cloud Practitioner (Foundational)

Our students have no need to worry about these certifications because our AWS experts will provide step-by-step guidance on how to apply, prepare for and clear the exam as easily as possible. Our students can get their certification directly from without any fuss. Also, the students who are studying at the best AWS training institute in Bangalore have no need for these certifications to get a job in the AWS domain. Our practical training mandates the students to do AWS projects on their own which will make a strong case for the selection of our students in the recruitment drives even if our students have no certifications. All our students have to do is to complete our training as per the instructions and follow the guidelines from the placement team. Our placement team will get all the students placed as soon as they complete the training (i.e.) before even applying for the AWS certification. This is one of the important benefits of studying at the best AWS training institute in Bangalore.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing our AWS training, all our students will have abundant career opportunities in the AWS domain and they can get a job anywhere in the world. Some of the Job positions to which they can apply are listed below:

  • AWS Developer
  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • AWS Engineer
  • AWS Administrators
  • Cloud Solution Architect - AWS

Apart from the jobs listed above, there are also other career options such as promotions, switching to a new job and teaching AWS at educational or training institutes in Bellandur. We will also guide them if they have other ideas like doing freelancing (i.e.) developing AWS programs on-demand or staring their own business in the AWS domain. We will try our best to get the students what they desire rather than just placing the students in companies. Though it is a tough process, it brings satisfaction to our students and makes them refer our training to their friends and family.

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