5 reasons why Hadoop is the best career choice

Big Data is the current big thing in the software field with numerous and important applications in many domains. And Hadoop is the most popular data analytics tool for Big Data. Big Data is already creating millions of job opportunities with its use in almost all the domains such as online businesses, science and research, healthcare and even helping law enforcement agencies. Hadoop being the most popular tool for using Big Data, more than 75% of these jobs are for Hadoop professionals. If that didn’t give enough reasons to learn Hadoop, read the five reasons given below to understand that Hadoop is the best career choice available right now.

 1. Huge demand

According to the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) forecast, big data and its associated services will grow at an astonishing annual growth rate of 23% from 2014 to 2019. Correspondingly, it will create more than 20% new jobs every year compared to the number of Big Data related jobs in the previous year. That is approximately 880 thousand new jobs in 2018 considering the rough estimate of 4.4 million Big Data jobs in 2017 worldwide. So, learning Hadoop at the best training institute in Bangalore will give you 880 thousand job opportunities approximately.

2. Easy for java developers

Hadoop’s success and the open source nature has its roots on the Java language. Its main component, the MapReduce programming model is written in Java language. Therefore, knowledge of Java is mandatory to write MapReduce scripts which will be extensively deployed on the Hadoop cluster for Big Data jobs. So if you are a Java developer then switching to Hadoop is very easy for you compared to the software professionals in other domains. And for those who need to switch right now, there is an upcoming Hadoop batch at the best training institute in HRBR Layout, Bangalore which is Trishana Technologies.

3. High salary

Hadoop professionals are getting way above the standard salary of the software all around the world. For example, Hadoop professional with no experience can get 6 lakhs per annum in India and in USA, they can get around 80,000 dollars per annum. This is almost 25% more than the basic entry level pay for Java Developers in India and USA. With increasing experience, the salary will increase furthermore and can reach a maximum of 130,000 dollars per annum. So, if you want a get a lucrative job then you should join the best Hadoop Training in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore which, you already know, will be available at Trishana Technologies.

4. Wider use

Big Data is used in almost all the sectors today and thus Hadoop too. As an evidence for this, Finance and Insurance industry accounts for 19% which is higher than both Professional Services (18%) and IT industries (17%) according to a report on Data Analytics jobs by IBM. Manufacturing and Retail sectors are also hiring significant percentage of Big Data and Hadoop professionals. So, you will no longer depend on the IT field alone if you had joined and completed the Hadoop Training in Bangalore at Trishana technologies.

5. Inexpensive

As you know already, Hadoop is an open source framework and managed by a non-profit organization. So, there is no official certification available which means you don’t have to spend thousands of rupees or hundreds of US dollars to validate your skills as in other software courses like AWS, Oracle DB, SAP etc. All you had to do is join the best training institute in Bangalore and complete the training successfully. To demonstrate your skills, do simple projects in Big Data analytics using Hadoop on your own and have them checked by experts or published online.

I believe now you can see why Hadoop is the best career choice available right now and an easy one for Java developers. However, you should be careful to choose the best training institutes to learn Hadoop because quality of training and the reputation of the institute matters a lot to get a job or even to get shortlisted for the job interview. But if you choose Trishana technologies, you don’t have to worry about any things and can concentrate completely in mastering Hadoop.

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