Top 5 career options for java programmers

Java is one of the most used programming languages in the world. According to numerous websites and methods such as TIOBE and PYPL index for February 2018, Java is the most popular language and has been that way for more than a decade now. So, obviously it will have a huge number of professionals working on it. This may sometime result in the excess supply of Java professionals in a particular geographical location. In that situation, Java programmers can think about moving ahead in the direction of the careers given in this post. If you are a java programmer and you are thinking about choosing one of these careers then the best place to start is Trishana technologies, the best training institute in Bangalore.

 1. Hadoop developer

Hadoop is often called the next step for Java programmers because Hadoop is written in Java and the knowledge of Java is a big advantage in all Hadoop related careers. For example, knowledge of Java is a must for Hadoop developers and testers and an added advantage for Hadoop architects. So, if you are a java professional and if you are looking to advance your career to great heights then you should immediately join our Hadoop course – the best training in Kalyan Nagar and Bellandur, Bangalore.

2. Android developer

According to OpenHub’s analysis of Android’s source code, 50% of Android is written in Java. In addition to this, Java is the preferred language to develop applications for Android OS. That means, with your experience in Java you have already know half of Android OS and have the knowledge of preferred language to develop apps. Now, all that is remaining to become a successful Android developer is to join the best Android Training in Bangalore which is by the way at Trishana technologies.

3. Backend developer

Java is one of the many programming languages used for back-end development and arguably one of the important languages. However, many JVM languages are also used for backend development nowadays. Still, Java programmers can do pretty well in backend development right from the start. So, backend development is one of the good career options to look forward to for java programmers.

4. Embedded systems developer

Java is the most used programming language in embedded systems. Oracle, the owner of Java, has a separate team to provide Java for embedded systems. Now, you must have understand how important Java is for embedded systems. And, with the advancement of technology, numerous embedded devices are created and entering the market every year. This gives a perfect opportunity for java programmers to have a great career in embedded systems. If you join the embedded Training at HRBR Layout, Bangalore, then you can very easily achieve your dream career in embedded systems.

5. Full-Stack developer

Gone are the times where specialist engineers like Java programmers are in great demand. Nowadays, persons with skills in all the areas like a Full-stack developer are expected and appreciated by the industry. And, java professionals has the best advantage by this situation because they already know the important and difficult part of Full-stack development (i.e.) Java. According to the editor of Coderbyte, apart from Java, all you have to learn is some front-end technologies like HTML or JS and few other concepts like REST, Git and HTTP protocol to enter Full-stack development. And we have made it easier with a single course on web development. So, you just have to join the course at best Java training institute in Bellandur or Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore to get the next job in your career (i.e.) Full stack developer.

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