What are the benefits of using R in data analytics ?

The importance of data analytics is increasing every day because of the huge profits that are derived from the data analytics done on the huge amount of data generated every day. For example, data analytics done on the data generated by YouTube in a particular region can give the list of individuals who maybe the perfect online ambassadors for your brand.

In recent years, R language is used frequently in data analytics. R is a programming language specially designed for statistical computing. So, using R language in data analytics will definitely have benefits and we will list some of those benefits here. Based on the benefits and the prospects, you can decide whether to learn Data analytics with R language or not, at the best training institute in Bangalore – Trishana technologies.

 1.Statistical advantage

As said above, R language is specially designed for statistical computing and is developed by a group of statisticians and researchers. So, naturally it includes all the statistical models available and the concepts like clustering and classification. These models and concepts are also used in Data analytics and so, R has the advantage to be the best language for data analytics. That is why, R is becoming popular and preferred language in the data analytics domain. So, to propel your career in Data analytics domain, joining Trishana technologies, the premier training institute in Bangalore, is the best way.

2. ?Ever growing R

R language is an open source and free programming language. So many developers all over the world are able to download and use R freely. These developers not only use R but also provide many user-defined packages which contains many useful algorithms and programs. Because of this feature, there are almost 11,000 additional packages available (as of July 2017) at many repositories of R. These packages help a lot in data analytics and thus making R one of the important tools in data analytics. Learning such an important tool will definitely boost your career in Data analytics. So don’t wait, join the best Data analytics with R training in Bangalore.

3. Cross-platform

Pre-compiled installable binary versions of R language are provided for various operating systems (OS). This supports the use of R language in Data analytics at different OS and different hardware. Other data analytics tools like Excel, QlikView support only one OS. Because of this availability, learning Data analytics with R can get you placed in a wide range of companies which uses different OS for data analytics. However, the place where you learn Data analytics with R decides the speed of your career growth, so Trishana technologies’ Data analytics with R Training in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore is the right place for you.

4. ?Compatibility

R language works well with other data analytics tools also such as Excel, MySQL, Oracle DB, SAS and SPSS. It also provides accepts many data formats such as CSV and produces outputs in formats like PDF, JPG, SVG and HTML. This compatibility with other tools and various data formats dramatically increases the popularity of Data analytics with R language. This also makes the life easier for data integration and data management. So, data analytics with R has numerous benefits in whole data handling domain and thus have very bright future. To make use of it, you should enrol yourself at the best training in HRBR Layout, Bangalore.

5. Active support

R language has numerous user groups and forums where you can post your problems or issues and get help as soon as possible. User groups and Forums are the best support for a non-commercial software like R language. However, in many cases they are not much active. In case of R language, they are very active and includes some developers from the core development team also. So, choosing R language for doing data analytics will definitely make it easier and quicker among all the open source data analytics tools.

All these benefits of R language make it the best data analytics tool and encourage numerous companies and organizations to start using R for data analytics. If you had completed the Data analytics with R training at the best training institute in Bangalore – Trishana technologies, then you can make use of this advantage and get a prospective job in Data analytics domain.

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