Why choose AWS over other cloud services ?

As you already know, AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a platform that provides cloud services and was launched by Amazon.com in 2006. It is the first commercial cloud computing service provider among all the other cloud service providers. After AWS, many tech giants had started their own cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform etc. However, AWS remains as an important popular cloud service provider.

The reasons why most companies are choosing AWS over other cloud service providers are given below:

AWS is bigger

According to the Gartner’s report of 2017, the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, AWS and Microsoft Azure are the two leaders in cloud service. But, AWS is many times bigger than Microsoft Azure. Due to this huge capacity, AWS can handle bigger load than all other cloud service providers without any issues. It is also capable to handle sudden in data and the computing services needed. AWS is very big and growing every year. So, there will be no need to change the cloud service provider (AWS) when your business is growing and in need of a lot of cloud resources. Because of these features, many companies including MNCs and startups are choosing AWS. And, if you want to join these companies, complete AWS training in the Best training institute in Bangalore – Trishana Technologies.

?Availability in numerous geo locations

AWS has data centres in 16 different geographical regions in many countries such as US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Singapore, India, Australia and China. Each region has more than one availability zone to provide backups in case of high workload or other issues. Due to this worldwide presence and additional support, AWS has very fewer chances of outages or downtime from failures. It can also easily handle geographical disasters which mostly affect a single region only. This is why, companies from around the world are interested to use AWS than other cloud services. So, joining the AWS Training in HRBR Layout Bangalore at Trishana Technologies will help you get a job anywhere in the world.


One of the best and most loved features of AWS is its lesser costs. AWS provides a variety of services and each service is charged in a specific method. For example, EC2 instances are charged per-hour of your use and EBS is charged per-month based on the GBs you used in a month. All the charging methods are based on the principle “you only pay for what you use”. Because of this principle, AWS is mostly the least priced service provider. This feature encourages many small companies and startups to use AWS. Thus, increasing the number of job opportunities in AWS and your chances of getting a job if you had completed the best AWS Training in Bangalore.

Variety of services

AWS is providing numerous cloud services than any other cloud service provider. According to the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) MarketScape Report of 2017, AWS provides over 90 infrastructure services and a broad set of Amazon EC2 instance types. This helps a lot of companies that need different cloud services and different hardware (EC2 instances) for their daily operation. This wide range of services considerably increases the demand for AWS professionals and thus providing a golden opportunity for all the students of Trishana technologies’ AWS Training in Kalyan Nagar Bangalore.

?Quality of Human Resources

AWS was chosen and will be chosen by many companies because of the availability of skilled AWS certified professionals all over the world. Amazon.com is providing the certification for AWS through a network of test centres in many countries. The certification validates the skills of the professionals and helps the companies to choose certified AWS professionals based on their requirement. The certification exam is the same throughout the world producing the best quality of human resources in AWS worldwide. So, enrol yourself at the AWS Training in Bangalore at Trishana technologies and get your AWS certification through our guidance program.

These are the popular reasons why AWS is chosen by most companies over the other cloud service providers and thus increasing your chances for a bright career in AWS. However, you have to first complete your AWS training at the best training institute in Bangalore – Trishana technologies to get a job in AWS domain. All the best for your IT career in the AWS domain.

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