Why learn selenium over other testing tools ?

Software testing is one of the important stages of Software Development Life Cycle. And there are many types of testing with a huge number of tools available for each type of testing. However, when it comes to web application testing, Selenium is the number one testing tool. Also in the recent years, most of the everyday tasks and important processes are moved to web application format such as shopping, reading a book, banking transactions etc. Because of that, Selenium has a great impact on our lives than all other testing tools. There are also some other reasons available to choose Selenium over other testing tools and they are explained below briefly.

 1. Browsers’ Support

Selenium is essentially a tool that automates browsers. So, it is used for automating web applications for testing purposes. Selenium already has the support of many browser vendors and according to the W3C recommendation, all the future versions and the browsers will definitely support Selenium Webdriver. This gives an unsurpassable edge over all other testing and automation tools which is why Selenium is one of the must-have testing tools. And to learn this must-have testing tool, you have to enrol at the best training institute in Bangalore.

2. Support many languages

Selenium is known for its compatibility with other programming languages to write test scripts and it includes many popular programming languages such as Java, Python, .NET, C#, Perl, and PHP. Another important advantage is that the language used to write scripts can be totally different from the language used to build the web application. That means the knowledge of any programming language supported by Selenium to test all the web applications available. Now, you can understand how useful Selenium is and the benefit of joining the next batch of Selenium training at the best training institute in HRBR Layout and Bellandur, Bangalore.

3. Flexibility

Most testing tools such as UFT, SilkTest support only a few operating systems but Selenium supports all the available OS because of its browsers support. Many testing tools are designed for only one platform like computers or mobile applications but Selenium can be used to test both computer applications and mobile applications. Selenium also requires fewer resources than most of the testing tools and thus enabling it to be used in many different systems with fewer resources such as older computer systems. Because of these numerous flexible features, learning Selenium is a boon to the software testers and learn it properly from the best training institute in Kalyan Nagar and Bellandur, Bangalore.

4. Integration

Integration to other software applications is one of the important advantages of testing tools because it can help to increase the functionality of the tool considerably. For example, Selenium can be integrated to Apache Maven to manage a test case’s build, reporting, and documentation. Similarly, Selenium can be integrated to numerous applications but not limited to Apache Ant, TestNG, Jenkins and Hudson. Because of these integration facilities, Selenium is one of the important testing tools and a major factor in your testing career. Similarly, learning it from the best Selenium training in Bangalore is also a major factor in your testing career.

5. Huge and Active community support

Open source software applications always have a community/User group to support and clear the doubts of the users. Selenium also has an active community of software testers using Selenium to provide support. Selenium has a User group, an IRC application and an active GitHub project. Apart from that, Selenium has various sponsors whom also provide support for Selenium. Some of the sponsors are BrowserStack, SauceLabs, ExperiTest etc. This huge and active support for Selenium tells you the advantage of learning Selenium but you have to learn from the best training institute to understand and make use of all the advantages of Selenium.

Because of these reasons, Selenium is the best choice among numerous testing tools especially for web applications and resource-constrained computer systems. Learning Selenium will definitely improve your job opportunities and propel your career towards greatness and success but you have to choose the best training institute in Bangalore to learn Selenium which is Trishana technologies in Kalyan Nagar and Bellandur, Bangalore.

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