Blue Prism Training

What is Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is a robotic process automation (RPA) technology built on .NET Framework to automate an application. RPA is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create software robots to perform simple and repeatable tasks. These robots mimic the behaviour of a human professional with accuracy and speed. Blue Prism was developed by Blue Prism Group, a software company based on U.K. Blue Prism was one of the first companies in RPA domain and was founded by David Moss and Alastair Bathgate in 2001. It automates any application in any platform (mainframe, Windows, WPF, Java, web). It can successfully automate all the applications used within an organization even if the platforms are presented in different ways like terminal emulator, thick/thin client, Citrix and web services. In 2016, Blue Prism was named as “The Best Enterprise Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI)” at the AIconics Awards.

Why to enrol in Blue Prism Training at Trishana Technologies, Bangalore?

There are numerous reasons to choose Trishana Technologies, Bangalore over all other training institutes in Bangalore. Some of them are explained here. The syllabus is designed by visionaries and experts who have extensive experience in Blue Prism and RPA. It is revised after every batch to include the latest developments. It includes simple RPA projects in Blue Prism to train our students in real-time. Our trainers are experienced professionals with more than 10 years of experience in Blue Prism and are accredited by Blue Prism Group itself. Our study materials are up-to-date, simple and easy to understand. They also have enough real-life examples to explain the concepts clearly. In short, they are self-explanatory and best. We have meticulously prepared our state-of-the-art lab to emulate all the working environments and the possible scenarios faced by the professionals. This elaborate setup will help the students to master Blue Prism quickly. After the training is complete, we will start our famous placement program which contains classes to improve language skills and the communication skills of our students. We also conduct mock tests and mock interviews to make our students familiar and well-prepared for the recruitment process. At last, our placement team will employ all its resources and skills to provide the kick-start of a bright career in Blue Prism and/or RPA domain to all our students. Blue Prism training institute near me

Our Blue Prism syllabus

Introduction to Blue Prism

  • Introduction to Blue Prism
  • Blue Prism Architecture
  • Blue Prism Dashboard


  • Process Studio
  • Object Studio
  • Control Room
  • Dashboard
  • Release Manager
  • System Manager

Process Studio

  • Creating process with the below stages
  • Process Flow
  • Create, Edit, Save, Test, Compare, Delete Process
  • Open and Executing a Process
  • It is the graphical representation of a working computer program, one that will interact with applications, manipulate data and perform decisions and Calculations.


  • Decision Stage
  • Calculation Stage
  • Data Item
  • Collections
  • Loops
  • Page Reference

Controlling Play

  • Controlling the Process Validation

Application Modeler provides 4 types of spy modes based on the application that we choose

  • Win32 mode
  • Accessibility mode
  • Region mode
  • Html mode
  • How to define attributes in application modeler
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Environment Variables
  • Session Variables
  • Case Management

Work Queue Features

  • Creating Work Queue

Surface Automation

  • Spying with different spy modes
  • Running a process
  • Control Room
  • Scheduler

Career opportunities in Blue Prism:

Robotic Process Automation is one of the latest and still growing domains and Blue Prism is one of the popular vendors in RPA domain. Therefore, the career opportunities are less in number compared to the traditional domains like software programming and testing. However, the quality of the career in terms of salary, job reputation, and career growth is very high. The job profiles that you can apply are given below:

  • RPA Developer - Blue Prism
  • Software Engineer for RPA - Blue Prism
  • Blue Prism Developer
  • RPA Blue Prism Engineer - Robotics
  • RPA Engineer - Blue Prism Support
  • .NET Developer with Blue Prism RPA

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