Data Science Training

Data Science Training in Bellandur Bangalore

Data science has attracted enormous attention in the last decade because of its ability to extract valuable insights from inconsequential data. It has created a lot of buzz which led the Harvard Business Review to call “Data scientist as the sexiest job of the 21st century”. To get such a dream job you should learn Data science thoroughly and swiftly. For that, you have to join the best Data science training in Bangalore which is provided at Trishana Technologies in Bellandur. As said earlier, our training will help you master data science and be an expert in data science at the shortest possible time. And we have proven this many times just ask our alumni or the companies who had recruited our students earlier.

About Data science:

Data science is a big domain with numerous concepts and methods in it but the only goal underlying all these concepts is “how to extract insights from the data”. There are various types of data such as structured, semi-structured and unstructured data and there are different methods to extract insights from different types of data. It uses techniques and ideas from different domains such as mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science (Databases, machine learning etc) to analyse the data. The most important use of data science is in the business analytics domain because the insights extracted from the data can literally change the course of the business. However, it is also used for other purposes predicting the behaviour of people, estimating the sensitive and complex numbers such as global population and designing machine learning systems.

Course description:

Since Trishana technologies is one of the leading training institutes in Bangalore, it is our obligation to be an example for the other training institutes in Bangalore. And we are successfully doing that for quite a while now. To mention specifically, our data science training in Bellandur is the best one anyone can find in Bangalore and many other training institutes have taken notes from the success of our training. Our Data science training program is an all-around development program for the students because data science domain is developing every day and the students have to be a pro-active and out-of-the-box thinker. With such a visionary training program, we were able to place all the students who have completed our data science training. Some of the special features of our Data science training are explained below.


Our syllabus is prepared after examining the issued faced by the recruiters and the professionals in the data science domain. It is a wide-ranging one to cover the maximum number of concepts and methods used in data science and to prepare the students to be ready for the new and completely different methods. It is updated before the start of every batch to include the latest developments in the data science domain.

Click on link for the Data Analytics with R syllabus: Data Analytics with R

Click on link for the Datascience with Python syllabus: Datascience with Python

Click on link for the Data Analytics With SAS syllabus: Data Analytics With SAS syllabus


We have the most experienced trainers who have the knowledge and the skills to train the students better. They are also dedicated and hardworking individuals who have the only goal of helping the students to have a good future. They have very good communication skills both in English language and the local language to teach and clear the doubts effectively. With their skillset and experience, they can easily guide the students in the right career path.


Our facility located at Bellandur is a boon to the students because it has state-of-the-art infrastructure and the most comfortable learning environment to learn data science. Our computer lab, classrooms, and even the waiting hall are all air-conditioned and have sophisticated furniture. We have meticulously prepared the computer lab to train the students in all the possible work environments. We also have the equipment to arrange online guest lectures by the world’s leading Data science experts.


Our placement team is one of the main reasons for our 100% placement record because they work very hard to bring so many recruitment drives and arrange direct interviews. They never rest until all our students have started their career or satisfied with our training. They also arrange sessions on communication skills and soft skills which will improve the chances of a great career for our students.

Other non-technical but equally important special features of our training are different batch timings on weekdays to accommodate as many people as possible, reasonable fees structure with concessions for the talented and needy students, simple, precise, and quality study materials that will be complementing well to the class notes and the training, and lifelong access to our online resources containing information about Data science.


Data science is a domain or a concept which encompasses numerous software applications and frameworks in it. Therefore, there is no single certification available to validate all your skills in the data science. But for specific tools and concepts used, there are a few official certifications provided by the developers of the tools. Some of those certifications are provided below.

  • Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science
  • SAS® Data Science Certification

However, our students don’t have to worry about getting these certifications because we will provide complete guidance to our students to get these certifications. We will also show them a different but easier way to display their skills which is to develop their own Data science projects. These projects will show the skills of our students to the recruiters and make a strong case for their selection in the recruitment drives. And we have made it mandatory to develop at least one Data science project to complete our training. So, all our students have to do is to complete our training as per the instructions and proceed to the placement training. Our placement training will ensure that all our students are placed as soon as they complete our training (i.e.) even before thinking about any Data science certification.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing our data science training, our students will be able to apply and get a data scientist job anywhere in the world. Some of the domains to which they can apply are listed below:

  • Data Scientist in Business Intelligence
  • Data Scientist in Natural Language Processing
  • Data Scientist in Digital Marketing
  • Data Scientist in Software Programming

There are other jobs in these domains such as data analyst and data manager but the above jobs are the prominent ones. Also, there are other career options available such as promotions, switching to a new job and teaching Data science at educational or training institutes. We will not stop our efforts until every one of our students is placed because that is what the best data science training institute will do.