DevOps Training

DevOps Training in Bellandur Bangalore

DevOps certification training is one of the popular trends in the IT industry. Not only for IT professionals but also for aspiring entrepreneurs, DevOps training is a career boosting option. At Trishana Technologies, we excel in offering value-added DevOps training and certification. While collaborating with highly experienced instructors, we design a professional DevOps course for candidates willing to learn the fundamentals and applications of DevOps. Our DevOps training is highly beneficial for professionals learning or working in the area of product life cycle.

Why should you take DevOps course?

  • According to business insider, the market size for DevOps will increase to $8,763.8 million by 2023.
  • The average salary of DevOps engineer lies between $106,95-$157,347
  • DevOps has increased the frequency and quality of software development by 53%

Course Description

Our DevOps training brings together the two pillars of software development - application development and IT operations. Our training is provides a deeper insight and learning experience for integration, development, deployment, configuration and excellent delivery of DevOps projects. The students taking up DevOps training will also learn the renowned DevOps tools like Nagios, Puppets, Jenkins etc. we also facilitate the students to get a real time experience of implementing functions like DNS installation, building RPM packages, DevOps transitions, automatic updates and much more. If you are looking for a dedicated and reliable training center in Bellandur Bangalore, choose us and explore different career options in this fast growing field!

Course Objectives

Trishana’s DevOps training is devised to help you excel different DevOps concepts and also help you implement it in your profession. Our proficient teaching team and trainers will help you:

  • Understand the fundamentals of DevOps development and its real time applications
  • Understand the common infrastructures and deployment methodologies
  • Learn performance tuning and fundamentals of security
  • Explore the basics of Python scripting
  • Learn the basic DevOps tools, virtualization concepts and security strategies
  • Learn the basics of test automation and notification management
  • Explore the real time applications and benefits of DevOps
  • Learn the necessary concepts for business growth or delivering outstanding softwares for your organization
  • Understand various cloud concepts and virtualization concepts
  • Learn management, integration, monitoring and configuration through tools like Puppet, Jenkins, Nagios, Chef and Docker tools


Our syllabus is prepared by a team of experts after consulting with the leading experts and top recruiters. Our DevOps training brings together the two pillars of software development - application development and IT operations

Click on link for the complete DevOps syllabus: DevOps Syllabus

Why Learn DevOps?

DevOps is one of the fast growing technologies used by reputed and renowned companies. From developers to business owners, DevOps is a very helpful certification for everyone looking for a profitable business or better job opportunities. Along with ample of job opportunities, it also provides better salaries, improves knowledge, productivity and effectiveness. The market of DevOps is growing day by day and thus, is one of the future technologies to rely on. While learning DevOps, you can deliver high quality softwares through development, integration delivery and deployment. Join the training sessions at Trishana, the best training institute in Bangalore and become a DevOps pro!

Who should go for this Course?

Our specialized DevOps course is devised to educate the students willing to build their career in the emerging and productive field of DevOps. We merge the theoretical concepts with practical learning and implementation of real time scenarios for better understanding. Our expert instructors outclass while delivering methodologies and case studies for better understanding. The course curriculum consists of all the basic and necessary DevOps concepts which will help the students in developing and delivering world class DevOps softwares. We offer on-site live training, demo lectures, interactive learning sessions along with desktop setup for better student involvement. The training sessions are delivered by professional and knowledgeable instructors to ensure that the students get an intellectual learning environment. Looking forward for DevOps training in Bellandur Bangalore? Contact us!

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

Students looking forward to build a career as a DevOps engineer can opt for this course, apart from this, below given are the prerequisites of this course:

  • Students aspiring to become service engineer in enterprise infrastructure
  • People with a basic understanding and knowledge of Linux and networking can also opt for this course
  • Testing professionals
  • Software developers/ architects
  • Project managers
  • People looking forward to build a career in product/service lifecycle can go for this course