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Hadoop Training

Hadoop is probably the most used framework in Big Data domain because of its efficiency to handle huge amounts of data and its open-source nature. Hadoop has evolved so much in the last couple of years and it will continue to do so in the near future. Because of its evolution, numerous Hadoop-related job opportunities are also being created around the world every day. To make use of this opportunity and have a great career, you have to learn Hadoop quickly and clearly. For that, you have to join the best Hadoop training institute in Bangalore – Trishana Technologies, Bellandur. We are providing the best Hadoop training with the help of our expert trainers and unmatched infrastructure. You can see the outcome of our training which is always 100% placement to accept the fact that our Hadoop training is the best in Bangalore.

About Hadoop:

Hadoop is one of the most effective frameworks to handle Big Data or a massive amount of data and complex computation. It is an open source framework available under Apache License 2.0 and it is maintained by Apache Software Foundation (ASF). It was inspired from papers on “Google File System” and Google’s “MapReduce” algorithm. ASF initially started the development under Apache Nutch but eventually, Hadoop becomes a separate project. It uses distributed and parallel computing to perform all its tasks successfully. The core system of Hadoop includes HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System), a storage component and MapReduce, a processing component. HDFS allows high data transfer rate and thus enabling faster and efficient processing. Hadoop framework has become a collection of many software packages like Apache Pig, Apache Hive, Apache Spark, Cloudera Impala etc. Hadoop training institute near me which is Trishana technologies

Course Description:

Being one of the leading training institutes in Bangalore is not a goal of us, Trishana technologies, but a side effect of our effort and success in training the students and getting them placed. We have become a landmark in Bellandur, Bangalore where our centre is located. Our Hadoop training is the best Hadoop training program in Bellandur Bangalore because we have the passion and determination to help the students through training and placement. We also have prepared the perfect learning environment for our students taking everything into consideration. For example, all our classrooms are spacious and properly lightened to help the students concentrate better. Some of the other special features of our training are given below.


Our syllabus is prepared by a team of experts after consulting with the leading experts and top recruiters in the Hadoop domain. It includes all the concepts and methods used in Hadoop along with the basics of the related technologies like Hive and Pig. It also covers the basics of the domains where Hadoop is being/will be used. It is updated after every batch to include the latest developments in Hadoop.

Click on link for the complete Hadoop syllabus: Hadoop Syllabus


We have appointed only passionate Hadoop individuals as trainers because they will only train the students as best as possible. All the trainers have 10 or more years of work experience in the Hadoop domain along with a certification in Hadoop. They are also very good trainers with the much needed communication skills and soft skills. Because of their experience and skillset, they are the best candidates to guide the students towards a bright career.


Our infrastructure is off world-standard because our students will work anywhere in the world and they have to be prepared for that. We have top-of-the-line computer systems in the lab and sophisticated smart classrooms to provide better and effective training. We had meticulously prepared the lab to have all the possible work environments that our students may face in the future. We also have the equipment to arrange online guest lectures by the world’s leading Hadoop experts.


The only goal of our placement training is to help the student get what he wants. If the student wants a job in the Hadoop domain, we will help to get one. If the student wants to do freelancing or business in the Hadoop domain, we will guide him/her on that. Regardless of what they choose, our personality development sessions will help them to become a better version of themselves which will have a long-term effect on their career.

Some other special features of our training are flexible batch timings to help the students’ attend/re-attend the classes they wish, affordable and reasonable fees to help as many students as possible, simple, accurate, and quality study materials at no additional cost, and lifelong access to the online resources of Trishana technologies containing information about Hadoop and related technologies.


Hadoop is an open source framework which is maintained by a non-profit corporation (ASF). So, it has no official certification available right now but there are some private Certifications which will help you validate your skills. And these certifications are accepted by a lot of companies around the world. For example, CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification by Cloudera Inc. and HDP Certified Developer and HDP Certified Java Developer Certifications by Hortonworks. Our Hadoop training covers the basics of all these exams and the students can easily clear the certification exams with the knowledge they will get from our training and the guidance they will get from our placement cell.

However, our students should not worry about these certifications because there is another way to validate their skills which is to develop their own Hadoop projects. These projects will show their skills and make a strong case for the selection of them in the recruitment drives. And we have made it mandatory to develop at least one project to complete our training. So, all our students have to do is to complete our training as per the instructions and follow the guidelines from the placement team. Our placement team will get all the students placed as soon as they complete the training (i.e.) before even applying for any Hadoop certification. This is one of the important benefits of studying at the best Hadoop training institute in Bangalore.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing our Hadoop training, all our students will have countless job opportunities from all over the world and more importantly, they can get a job anywhere in the world. Some of the Job positions to which they can apply are listed below:

  • Hadoop Developer
  • Technical Consultant - Hadoop
  • Software Development Engineer - Hadoop
  • Big Data Hadoop Consultant

Apart from the jobs listed above, there are also other career options such as promotions, switching to a new job and teaching Hadoop at educational or training institutes. We will also guide our students if they want to do freelancing (i.e.) developing Hadoop programs on-demand or start their own business in the Hadoop domain. As we said already, our goal is to help the students what they want and not to just get a job for all our students.

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