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When it comes to the concept of automation testing, Selenium is considered to be the best way for the purpose of automation testing. Since it is one of the best tools for automation testing, Selenium is preferred by most of the developers as well as testers throughout the world. A lot of selenium testing training in Marathahalli provides detailed training on selenium testing which can help you in understanding and mastering the knowledge of Selenium Automation Tool.

What is Selenium testing training or Introduction to Selenium testing training

Before jumping right into the training, it is important to know that what exactly Selenium is. It is a compact framework for the purpose of examining the web applications. Selenium helps in implementing a playback tool for producing functional tests without the requirement of mastering test scripting language. Selenium also provides domain-specific language in order to compose different programming languages mainly C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby as well as Scala. These particular tests can re be run in most of the browsers which are used these days.

Selenium can be easily operated on different OS systems mainly Windows, Linux and also the Mac OS. Being open-source software can be easily downloaded and used without paying any charges.

What are the objectives of Selenium testing training?

At Trishana Technology we help you in introducing to the various concepts of the Selenium training and automation. The selenium testing training in Marathahalli will help you in providing elaborate knowledge of Selenium 3 and Java. At first, our experts will focus on the basics of the Selenium and later on concentrate on the theories and concepts of Selenium, Java as well as framework development. The objective of the course focuses on:

  • Absolute knowledge of Core Java for Selenium
  • You will also get complete knowledge on Selenium Web Driver, GRID, Junit, Database testing, Maven, ANT, and others.
  • Training will be provided on building frameworks and implementing end to end scenarios.
  • You will be made competent for different other tools.

Why should we learn Selenium testing training?

We at Trishana Technology know that the technology is growing and developing every day and getting a job in any software or top MNC Company is tough so we provide automation testing training in Marathahalli so that you can become a master in Selenium Automation and get placed in a well-reputed company.

The reasons for which you must learn Selenium testing training:

  • You will get to learn Open source and free tool.
  • The different ways to support the different programming languages
  • Availability of Frameworks
  • We will teach you on the details about the DevOps lifecycle
  • Easy integration with various other tools
  • You will get to learn about flexibility while designing test cases.

How is Selenium testing training different from other programming languages?

Who should learn Selenium testing training?

We at Trishana Technology provide the best in class automation testing training in Marathahalli so that each one of you can master the course and become an expert Selenium automation expert. It is obviously important to have knowledge of the different programming languages and automation tools. But in case you are from a different background, still, you can apply for the course.

The Selenium testing training is mainly for them who are fresher in Selenium, programming language or automation testing tool. Initially, the course will start with a short introduction to automation and programming concepts. Then the professionals will directly dive into the main field.

A career in Selenium testing training

According to our experts at Trishana Technology we excel in providing selenium automation testing training in Marathahalli since Selenium has currently become the open-source tool for every single browser available. It works as a detector tool for PC browser as well as a mobile browser and thus is considered as the web standard which is more or less assisted by various browsers such as Mozilla, Google Chrome and many others.

Selenium testing training is one of the leading marketplaces as of now. Since it is open-source software, those who are interested in learning Selenium can find a better place in many of the leading organization. It has a promising future and thus has the capability to support Linux, Windows, and OSX.

Prerequisites for Selenium testing training

The basic eligibility for the course is having the knowledge of Core Java. But prior to taking up the selenium automation testing training in Marathahalli, you can opt for our complimentary course on Java essentials for testing with Selenium which we provide to all those who enroll for this course at Trishana Technology. By taking this complimentary course you will be able to spruce up your existing Java skill which is important if you want to learn Selenium testing.

If you face any problems while taking any of the courses you can definitely sit for the counseling sessions with our experts to solve your issues. Since this is one of the leading automation testing tools and is demanded by most of the organization in an employee so we try to provide you with the best knowledge available.

At the end of the course, you will acquire the following skills

Since we provide the best selenium testing courses in Marathahalli at Trishana Technology we make sure that at the end of the course you achieve all the important skills which you will need in order to become an expert in Selenium testing. At the end of the course you will notice that you have become a pro in:

  • The understanding Selenium architecture as well as its components.
  • You will become an expert in working with Selenium RC.
  • Ability in performing cross-browser testing with the help of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera.
  • You should be able to make data-driven, keyword-driven as well as Hybrid test framework.
  • Additionally, you will be capable of performing distributed testing with the help of Selenium GRID.

Features of Selenium testing training in Trishana

We at Trishana Technology offer the top-notch Selenium testing courses in Marathahalli and our experts will help you in giving detailed knowledge of the course. Some of the important aspects of the training are mainly:

  • Selenium is a perfect combination of tools and Domain-Specific Language for the purpose of carrying out different types of tests. It helps in recording the tests which are done with the help of a browser.
  • With the help of Selenium testing and the use of DSL, you can learn to test the different web applications. This particular language has 200 commands and is also an easy to learn programming language.
  • Once you master the Selenium testing training you will be able to make the test cases in which you will be able to run on any OS such as Linux, Macintosh, etc.

Selenium testing training interview questions and answers

1. Why do you think you must learn Selenium?

At Trishana Technology we offer the best software testing course in Marathahalli and since Selenium has become the open-source tool and almost envelops every scenario which various other licensed tools such as QTP, IBM RFT and other tools available in the market can perform. The features of Selenium, execution speed and different browser interaction of Selenium is quite fast compared to other automation tools. Also, Selenium helps in supporting different operating systems with the support of various programming languages as well as browsers. These important features make it crucial for everyone to master this course and also this is quite in demand in many of the reputed organization.

Sample Selenium testing training based projects

Selenium testing training Syllabus

Since Trishana Technologies provides the best software testing course in Marathahalli we try to include every crucial feature which is important for you to learn throughout the Selenium testing training. In the entire course, you will be learning the basic Selenium Fundamentals which include an introduction to Selenium, selenium test life cycle. You will be learning Java for Selenium which includes Java standard edition or Core Java for Selenium testing includes Java Data types, Java modifiers, variables, and operators. Importance will be given on Selenium Web Driver which will be including a basic introduction to Selenium Web Driver, Web elements and operations. We will be covering the TestNG testing framework for Selenium which will include installing TestNG for Selenium, Creating test batches, grouping test cases and many other relevant topics.


1. How much does it take to learn Selenium testing training?

If you are really eager to learn Selenium, then it is possible to master the course within one to two months of time on the given condition that you must have the basic concept on any programming language such as Java, Python or PHP. Also, you have to be familiar with Manual testing as well.

2. Is it possible to learn Selenium without knowing Java?

Honestly, Java is a huge language. Although it is not compulsory to know the full aspects and features of Java since it is not required selenium testing. You can only focus on the selected portion of Java, which will serve your purpose.

Our recent students' review

  • Sumit said, “I started hearing about the Selenium testing a long time back and after researching, I saw that it has a huge scope in the future. So I was randomly searching for Selenium testing courses in Marathahalli and then I came across Trishana Technology and they have helped in making me a pro in this course.”
  • Ananya said, “I always wanted to learn the various automation tools and when I came to know about Trishana Technology, I immediately contacted them and they suggested me to enroll for the Selenium testing course since it is in demand. Currently, I am learning here and they really have helped me with all the basic concepts which are important to know before starting with the main course.”

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We are currently available throughout the city and due to the rise in the demand for learning programming languages and automation tools. So we have spread our branches across the city so that every aspiring student can enroll in our institution.