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Python training in Kalyan Nagar is one of the most popular languages. It is used by large organisations for web application development purposes, Data Science, Data Analytics, IOT, Gaming, and Automation. Python plays a vital role in all the domains and technologies. Python is a platform to perform all the Data Analytics and Data Science. Once you have completed the Python training in Kalyan Nagar, we will be in a good position to choose our specialisation.

Introduction to Python training in Kalyan Nagar

Python training in Kalyan Nagar is an object-oriented high-level scripting language. It is an interpreter so it will execute the code line by line. Using Syntax in Python is also very convenient in comparison to other programming languages. It supports different modules, libraries, and plugins to make things simple and easy to use. All the program is scripted inside. The best part of Python training in Kalyan Nagar is its ability to provide an opportunity for new learners to easily understand the functionality and work flow. One of the key benefits of Python is debugging of code.

Objectives of Python training in Kalyan Nagar

Python programs are mostly used by Software engineers, System analysts, Program managers and Data Scientists:

Prerequisites of Python training in Kalyan Nagar:

  • Python follows the C / C++ Syntax flow, so if you know these programs then understanding Python will be easier.
  • Oops concepts are helpful but not mandatory.
  • Prior knowledge of Linux shell and Perl could be of use.

Key objectives of Python training in Kalyan Nagar

We train our students in such a way that by the end of the course they will be able to achieve the following: How to design and program using Python application. Ability to understand where to use tuples, list and dictionaries in Python code. Deep understanding of Python types. How to use the indexing, slicing, structure and components of Python. How to read and write files in Python including functions, arguments. How to use package, modules and libraries

How Python language is unique in relation to other programming languages?

You can say Python is one of the most mind-blowing logical dialects and the best option for those in research industry. At Trishana Technologies, Python training in Kalyan Nagar is one of the most prominent courses which will help you learn different decisions for web improvement like Django and Pyramid, for Micro-Framework like Flask and Bottle, and for cutting edge content administration frameworks like Online and Django CMS. Python language is unique in relation to different dialects in light of the fact that.

  • This is not difficult to learn. It is really great for beginning due to its easy Syntax.
  • It requires less duration than other different languages.
  • It is a dynamic composed language.
  • You can use normal programming approaches, for example data structure and oops programming.

Who should you learn Python language training in Kalyan Nagar?

These days programming languages have acquired a ton of significance. Trishana Technologies offers the best Python training in Kalyan Nagar which will help you to achieve Python certification. Python is best for individuals who are from math, measurements, and science foundation and have an incredible interest in the programming language. Python training in Kalyan Nagar is provides a foundation in programming language. This will help you specialisation as a next step. With specialisation in Python, you will have countless ways of involving Python in IT environment such as Python IOT, Python Games, Python Automation, Python Networking, Python Data Science, Python Machine learning, Python SQL, Python Django, Python Scripting. You can choose any of the specialisation depending on your interest. Enrol today to learn Python training in Kalyan Nagar.

Why is it good to learn Python training in Kalyan Nagar

You might realize that Python is a language that is surprisingly simple to learn. You can involve it as a venturing stone into other programming and systems. Learning Python training in Kalyan Nagar from Trishana Technologies will open door for multiple opportunities across start ups, product based organizations, service based organisations and organisations specializing in research. Some of the organizations who use Python extensively are Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Disney, Yahoo, Nokia, IBM, and many others.

Syllabus for Python training in Kalyan Nagar

Introductory Sessions

  • History of Python
  • Introduction
  • Starting with Python
  • Execute python script

Basic Data Types

  • Indentation
  • Data Types and Variables
  • Operators
  • Lists and Strings
  • List Manipulations
  • Shallow and Deep Copy

Advanced Data Types

  • Dictionaries
  • Set and Frozen sets
  • Tuple
  • Input from keyboard

Conditional Statements

  • If-else Block
  • Loops,
  • While Loop
  • For Loop
  • Iterators and Iterables

Output Formatting

  • Output with Print
  • String Modulo
  • Format Method


  • Introduction to Functions
  • Recursion and Recursive Functions
  • Parameter Passing in Functions
  • Namespaces
  • Global and Local Variables
  • Decorators

File Operations

  • Read and Write Files
  • Modules
  • Packages

Advanced Python Concepts

  • Regular Expressions
  • Lambda, Filter & Map Operators
  • List Comprehension
  • Iterators and Generators
  • Exception Handling
  • Tests, DocTests & UnitTests

Object Oriented Programming

  • Introduction
  • Class and Instance Attributes
  • Properties v/s getters and setters
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract Classes

Powerful Utilities

  • Multithreading
  • Memory Management
  • Logging Facility
  • Argument Parser
  • Invoking Sub process
  • Lincache, fnmatch etc.

Domain Specific (in brief)

  • Networking Automations, or
  • Django Web Framework, or
  • Numerical Data Analytics
  • Numpy Pandas, or
  • Data Science Analytics Web Scrapping &
  • Crawling Machine Learning, or
  • Automation Tooling

Our recent students' review

  • I completed online Python training in Kalyan Nagar Trishana technologies. Training was very much helpful to crack the interview and my trainer Kiran's knowledge in Python is commendable. Finally, it was a very good experience. Thanks to Trishana team...This is the Best Python training institute in Kalyan Nagar!
  • I did my Python course in Kalyan Nagar under Rahul trainer. He explained all the topics very clearly so it was very useful. Each and every topic he explained with real time scenarios which provided to be extremely valuable to connect with course. This is the best Python training institute in Kalyan Nagar.
  • Hi, I recently completed Python training in Kalyan Nagar. Trishana Technologies has good infrastructure & is well maintained in comparison to other institutes. Trainers are highly proficient in Python language and they have minimum 10 years of IT experience. I also got placement support from Trishana Technologies. Thanks to Trishana team and to my trainer!
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