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Name: Navyashree Rating: Course Name:Artificial Intelligence Review: This team giving a very needful service with best quality of work
Name: Hari Krishnan Rating: Course Name:Salesforce Developer Review: I have completed the Salesforce training. Trainer Mr Syed's teaching was absolutely good and clearly understandable. The session was always interactive and practically knowledgeable. So it made me ease to learn. Thank you for Trishana technologies.
Name: Ranjini Aravind Rating: Course Name:Data Science Review: Thank you so much for all the help. I have had a great experience learning Data Science in Kalyan Nagar branch Absolutely loved the experience and will surely recommend to all my colleagues. Thank you again.
Name: http://canadianorderpharmacy.com/ Rating: Course Name:http://canadianorderpharmacy.com/ Review: Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It's on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Superb choice of colors!
Name: Pijush Rating: Course Name:Python Review: No project and no job assessment and no domain base description completely blank after done python from here
Name: Pijush Rating: Course Name:Python Review: No project and no job assessment and no domain base description completely blank after done python from here
Name: 2121 Rating: Course Name:214321 Review: 432432
Name: 54543 Rating: Course Name:543653 Review: 53653
Name: Mahesh C Rating: Course Name:AWS Review: Its the Good time/ place to learning the new things, Good managements to guide and advise.for AWS Ganesh Khan gave us great knowledge transfer. Thank you and All the best.
Name: IRytkYfBKWJ Rating: Course Name:PhdHjFkyZRx Review: QoAjYZRtdSFbPgi
Name: lPwjvsoL Rating: Course Name:ijpHtUwkD Review: tsWhzMCBZkPpy
Name: HgJTlDcqujaQM Rating: Course Name:oqYIJHRh Review: WhoTjqfnBACvEG
Name: FzdqbYZRGp Rating: Course Name:hilbEVpBxD Review: yHisJmGdUl
Name: yqVpvXnljbst Rating: Course Name:BqEsQiKMd Review: WGFwxJbtIEuhycoA
Name: jeOkuoUwPBhsng Rating: Course Name:tnVIcxwU Review: HrPtWmAJBTiCGc
Name: AFOekWcX Rating: Course Name:TICQxzhbg Review: JnbzBNsVE
Name: FosXOCArJMEK Rating: Course Name:YFIjcyzQXmgw Review: zfCLbohDcARMeu
Name: QGUAuyZJp Rating: Course Name:WyknqVCOxZ Review: ZkmLedKcWMpzvA
Name: eYDKxufLCgSdFmA Rating: Course Name:ihpDWljk Review: pcAiFRvxDhYOCqk
Name: yehqjvIpKFNB Rating: Course Name:IawcbktLUHlBE Review: LfyXSzPB
Name: VZcbaGBKfwNszEtr Rating: Course Name:IkOwqiGRPyldNM Review: OHbnvmuqsNc
Name: prasanthi Rating: Course Name:Python Review: Tutor is just telling like copy paste . Im not sure whether he has knowledge and though he has knowledge he is not ready to teach . He just give the assigments and not bothered to get it solved. he just touches the concepts and its very basic . for that we can get in google itself . He did not explained one particular topic fully . I dont want to give even 1* as well .
Name: Eshwar Bheemavarapu Rating: Course Name:java Review: Training was good and covered all the topics in java from basic java to advanced java. Trainer was good in teaching all the topics.
Name: Snehal Rating: Course Name:Python Review: I have had a great experience of learning Python here. The trainer is good . He do listen and solve your queries.
Name: ef Rating: Course Name:fdv Review: haerdgzv
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