Selenium Software Testing Training

Selenium Testing Training in Bellandur Bangalore

Selenium is probably the most used software testing framework/tool in the Software testing domain because of its special features like playback tool. To get a job in the software testing domain, one of the easy ways is to master Selenium and for that, you have to join the best Selenium training institute in Bangalore – Trishana Technologies which is in Bellandur. Numerous training institutes are providing Selenium training in Bangalore but our training is the best one because we have what every other institute is missing – passionate trainers. Sure, all the institutes have trainers but our trainers are passionate about Selenium which makes them the best choice to teach Selenium. And we have already proven the fact that we are the best Selenium training institute in Bangalore with 100% placement record in all of our Selenium training batches.

About Selenium:

Selenium is a software testing framework to test web applications and it was developed by Jason Huggins at Thought Works. It is an open source application available freely under the Apache License 2.0. It is also a cross-platform application and can be deployed on Windows, macOS and Linux platforms. It has many special features like the Record and Playback feature which is used to design tests without the need for any program coding. This feature is pretty useful to non-technical users or users with limited experience in designing tests. Also, it also has its own scripting language (Selenese) to design tests. Users can also use other languages like C#, Python, Java, Ruby, and Perl to design tests because of its language interoperability feature. Though it was intended to test web applications, nowadays it is also used to test smartphone applications. Selenium WebDriver or Selenium 2.0, the successor to the Selenium server (RC), is becoming an Internet standard with the efforts of Selenium developers and the W3C.

Course description:

Trishana technologies is one of the important training institutes in Bangalorebecause all its courses are successful and better than almost all the other training institutes’ courses. Our facility in Bellandur has gained enough reputation to attract students from all the corners of Bangalore. And our Selenium training is the best Selenium training program in Bellandur Bangalore because we have the most passionate trainers and the facilities to help those trainers train our students as best as humanly possible. We have prepared the perfect learning environment for our students starting from minute details like lighting to important details like the trainers. The special features of our Selenium training are briefly explained below.


Our experts’ team prepares/updates the syllabus before every batch with the inputs from the recruiters and the leading experts in the Selenium domain. Our syllabus is designed to infuse the skills and knowledge expected by the recruiters from our students. It includes all the concepts and techniques used in Selenium. It also has a separate section on training the students to be industry-ready (i.e.) to work on the first day of the job without any training.

Click on link for the complete Selenium Testing syllabus: Selenium Testing Syllabus


We have selected only passionate Selenium individuals as trainers because they are the best persons to teach Selenium and train our students in Selenium. All the trainers have more than a decade of work experience in the Selenium domain. They also have all the necessary skills to train the students such as needed communication skills and soft skills. Seeing their experience and passion, no one can guide the students better towards a bright career.


Our infrastructure is way better than the standard of infrastructure in any training institute in Bangalore. We have the same computer systems that are used in the MNCs where our students will work in the future. All our classrooms are smart classrooms with projectors and digital displays to provide better training. We also have the equipment to arrange online guest lectures by the world’s leading Selenium experts.


Our placement training is one of a kind because we concentrate on helping the students to improve themselves for a better career and not just on helping them to get a job. We will ensure that all our students are capable of achieving great heights in the software testing domain when they complete our training and enter the domain with the job that our placement team had helped to get.

Some other special features of our training are flexible batch timings to accommodate people from various backgrounds, affordable and reasonable fees to help many students join and study, easy-to-understand, and quality study materials at no additional cost, and lifelong access to the online resources of Trishana technologies containing information about Selenium.


Selenium is an open source framework and it is maintained by a group of individuals. So, there is no official certification for Selenium. However, our students should not worry about certifications when there is another way to validate their skills which is to develop their own Selenium projects/tests. These projects will showcase their skills to the recruiters and make a strong case for their selection in the recruitment drives. And we have made it mandatory to develop at least one Selenium test to complete their training. So, all our students have to do is to complete our training as per the instructions and follow the guidelines from the placement team. Our placement team will get all the students placed as soon as they complete the training (i.e.) before even applying for any Selenium certification. This is one of the important benefits of studying at the best Selenium training institute in Bangalore.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing our Selenium training, all our students will have countless job opportunities coming from all over the world and more importantly, they will be capable to get any of that job. Some of the Job positions to which they can apply are listed below:

  • Selenium Automation Engineer
  • Consultant - Selenium Automation
  • Selenium Test Engineer
  • Quality Analyst - Selenium Automation

Apart from the jobs listed above, there are also other career options such as promotions, switching to a new job and teaching Selenium at educational or training institutes in Bellandur. We will also guide our students if they want to do freelancing (i.e.) developing Selenium programs on-demand or start their own business in the Selenium domain. Because we are the best Selenium training institute in Bangalore and this is our way of satisfying our students.