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Big Data Analytics Training

Big Data is exactly what the name represents, a huge amount of data which is so large and complex that traditional processing tools are not able to process. There are also different types of data such as structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. However, this mixed type of data contains many valuable information which are important to Governments and Businesses. Thus, many governments and a huge number of multinational companies are investing in storing and analyzing this Big Data. To capture, store and analyze this much amount of data, lot of new methods and data processing models were developed.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the process of cleaning, modelling and analysing the data to obtain useful information which may suggest conclusions or support decision making. Data analytics is primarily used in commercial business to obtain crucial information that will affect important decisions like where to invest and when to invest. It is also used by Governments to understand the mind set of people and to predict the near future incidents like inflation and riot. With the arrival of Big Data, Data analytics is becoming a Billion dollar industry with investments increasing many fold in last few years.

Why to enrol in Big Data Analytics training at Trishana Technologies, Bangalore?

Big Data Analytics may be a challenging task in software field and in other training institutes as well but here, at Trishana Technologies, Big Data Analytics is like just another subject of your school syllabus. Do you know why? Because we have such expert Data Scientists as trainers who can teach every concept in Big Data Analytics institute near me simple as humanly possible. Our syllabus and materials are designed in accordance with the expectations of the industry and includes all the latest tools used in Big Data Analytics including R language, Hadoop framework etc. No other institutes will teach you these tools as they are full-fledged courses in their own but we choose our students first priority and help you master these tools. We also conduct elaborate training sessions for you to implement all the concepts and methods you learned in the classrooms. We also provide best-in-class placement support with mock interviews, interview material and off campus placements.

Our Big Data Analytics training syllabus

  • Big Data Analytics introduction
  • Big Data overview
  • What is a data scientist?
  • What are the roles of a data scientist?
  • Big Data Analytics in industry

Data analytics lifecycle

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Model Planning
  • Data Model Building
  • Data Insights

Data Analytic Methods Using R

  • Introduction to R
  • Analyzing and Exploring the Data
  • Model Building and Evaluation

Career Opportunities for Big Data Analytics Training

  • Software Engineer – Analytics & Big Data
  • Backend Developer – Big Data Analytics
  • Data scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Consultant – Big Data
  • Solution Architects
  • Big Data Analytics course near me

Trishana Kalyan Nagar, Trishana HRBR Layout, Trishana Hebbal

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