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You may have all noticed that in recent years there has been a huge outpour in the Cloud Computing technologies. Among all such technologies that had a huge impact on computing is Salesforce. Since Salesforce has so many uses and can be accessed from anywhere so it has become extremely popular in Cloud Computing.

If you want to learn every side of the Salesforce, then Salesforce developer training in Bangalore will guide you in making you trained and expert in Salesforce

What is Salesforce Developer or Introduction to Salesforce Developer

Salesforce is the leader in Customer Relationship Management which helps in giving enormous opportunities for building a career in Salesforce. The special positions mainly incorporate the Salesforce Administrators, consultants as well as developers. A Salesforce Developer creates as well as modifies various tools as well as the application which stays within the sphere of Salesforce Ecosystem.

Salesforce was never just about a good quality product at half the cost rather it was about eradicating the lengthy installation process and putting everything in the hands of the internet.

The Salesforce developer training in Bangalore provides detailed training and study on the concept of Salesforce. The training will help you in making you a proper expert in the field of salesforce development which will fetch you a better scope in the future.

What are the objectives of Salesforce Developer Training?

At Trishana Technology we will provide you with elaborated and quality salesforce developer certification training through which you will get to learn the different methods of Salesforce Developer training. The objectives of the course are:

1. Different ways of enacting cloud computing as well as its services.

2. Data model development and management, development of the security model as well as the user interface.

3. Master the knowledge of Salesforce accounts.

4. Perceiving the business process automation options.

5. Acquire the knowledge of Salesforce Sales, Salesforce services and others.

6. Gain knowledge of Salesforce CRM data validation.

7. Implementation of the master-detail relationship.

8. Learn about the process of making applications as well as configurations by using Apex and Visualforce.

Why should we learn Salesforce Developer?

Since we know that cloud computing has huge demand so at Trishana Technologies we provide a salesforce developer course in Bangalore which will at the end of the day reveal the need to master the Salesforce Developer training as it is hugely demanded by most of the organizations.

There are many reasons why Salesforce is preferred by most of the organization since Salesforce is the only way through which you can easily build any application with the help of Salesforce tools and not waste time in constructing the infrastructure as well as tools on your own. Hence it saves a lot of time and money. Also, Salesforce is a quite faster and convenient solution when compared to the traditional Customer Relationship Management tool. It is effective and easy to use and can be personalized to fulfill business needs.

How is Salesforce Developer different from other programming languages?

Who should learn Salesforce Developer?

Since Trishana Technology provides training on salesforce developer courses in Bangalore so every interested person who wants to master the Salesforce development training can enroll for this course. Due to its growing demand in the market and promising future, a lot of people have already shown interest in this course.

Yet particularly if you want to make a strong career in the field of Salesforce, then this course can be opted by any of the Software Developers, Application Developers, and CRM Developers. It can also be learned by those who are from the background of Data Managers, cloud Developers as well as System Admin. In case any of you who are a Salesforce Admin and want to dive into the field of Salesforce Development; you can definitely opt for this course.

A career in Salesforce Developer

At Trishana Technology we provide training on salesforce developer courses since the field of cloud computing is huge and ever-changing. With the continuous expansion of the domain and searching for the various applications across different functions ranging from CRM to mobile marketing; the huge demand for cloud computing experts is significant.

Proper salesforce training will provide two things to every one of you which includes knowledge and experience. A proper salesforce certification will help you in providing a detailed understanding of the platform and will also give an idea on sales as well as customer relation

Salesforce training gives importance to the hands-on experience and also you will get to know about live projects and case studies related to the industries.

Prerequisites Salesforce Developer training

As we provide the best salesforce training in Bangalore, so we check whether you have minimum knowledge of cloud computing and all the important knowledge which is important for you to know before you enroll for the course. Although anyone who is interested in learning this course can join our institute. But we prefer more of those candidates who have a degree in BBA, BCA, MCA or MBA. You must have knowledge of the basic facts and concepts as well as functionalities about the Salesforce platforms. Our experts here will take through the Salesforce platform and help you to receive the training. Once you prove that you have the above qualification, and then they will allow you to sit for the certification exam.

At the end of the course, you will acquire the following skills

After taking training from Trishana Technology on salesforce developer certification training, you will be skilled in making designs, coding, testing as well as implementing the various Salesforce software applications. These will help you meet the objectives of any project and support the new objectives of a business. The work of the Salesforce Developer is quite similar to that of a software developer that includes testing and analyzing new and updated software.

After taking the course you will have the capability of understanding the principles of business software designs as well as CRM. Additionally, analytical and creative skills are quite significant. Our trainers will make you expert in coding in the Apex language which is important. Apart from that knowledge on other coding languages is also necessary.

Features of Salesforce Developer training in Trishana

Every one of you has the right to know the features of an applied course and since we try our best to provide salesforce developer jobs in Bangalore, so we at Trishana Technologies try to let you all know the extensive features of every subject and the benefits which you are going to get by taking the training. Salesforce training has many notable features such as it helps in the proper management of the contacts including the activity of the customer contact details, account discussions. It helps in Opportunity management as it helps in giving the details of every product and quotation involved. Precisely it helps in the managing of all the data which helps in identifying and progressing or closing a deal.

Salesforce Developer interview questions and answers What are the benefits of Salesforce?

Being one of the Best salesforce training institutes in Bangalore, we at Trishana Technologies will provide you with every benefit of the Salesforce Development course. This course has many benefits which will let you get placed in a reputed organization where the process of cloud computing is used.

The features of Salesforce training are:

1. It helps in providing customer information

2. Helps in the matter of account planning

3. Proper time management

4. Aids in perfect collaborations of the team

5. Proper accessibility.

Sample Salesforce Developer based projects

Salesforce Developer Syllabus

We are known for one of the Best Salesforce training institute in Bangalore so we at Trishana Technology frame every course by keeping in mind the current need and trend of the market. Accordingly, we frame the syllabus for you so that you can easily grab every topic without facing any issues. The topics we choose for your syllabus are quite informative and will help you in making an expert in this field. The topics which we include in the syllabus are mainly MVC architecture of Salesforce which covers Introduction to Salesforce, understanding of MVC architecture, an overview of Salesforce 501, Visualforce MVC model. Salesforce Apex Data which covers topics like understanding of the Salesforce Apex Language, Apex Data types and various important topics.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

  • CRM basic entities
  • Sub modules of CRM
  • Existing CRMs

Salesforce.com Introduction

  • What is Salesforce.com?
  • Why Salesforce.com?
  • Different editions in Salesforce.com
  • How to sign up for Developer Edition?

Salesforce.com Basic Navigations

  • What are Records?
  • What are Related Lists?
  • Action column
  • Help links

Development in Salesforce.com

  • Custom settings
  • Visualforce components
  • Difference between developer, configuration and full sandboxes
  • Adding controller to Visualforce page
  • Apex classes
  • Custom labels
  • Adding error message in Visualforce page
  • Triggers
  • Unit testing
  • Batch Apex
  • Database save point and Database rollback
  • Force.com IDE installation
  • Salesforce to Salesforce connection
  • Calling Apex method from Custom Button
  • Java to Salesforce connection
  • Fetching data from another Salesforce organization
  • Date Picker in Visualforce page
  • With Sharing and Without Sharing in Apex Classes
  • List, Set and Map collection data types
  • Moving Components from one organization to another organization
  • Creating table in VF using apex:panelGrid
  • Standard Controller, Custom Controller and Extensions
  • How to create a Sandbox in Salesforce?
  • How to login into Sandbox in Salesforce?
  • How to create Inbound Change set?
  • How to create Outbound Change set?
  • Adding help text for apex:inputText
  • Debugging Apex code
  • Try and Catch block
  • Governor Limits in Salesforce.com
  • Hide and Show in Visualforce page
  • Date and Datetime
  • SOQL
  • Coding Standard in Salesforce


How long will it take to learn Salesforce for the beginners?

For the beginners, it can take up to three to six months to learn the Salesforce Developer course. This span will also include Salesforce training and certification as well.

What language is used in Salesforce?

Apex is the programming language provided by the various platform to the developers which is the same as the Java and C##. It is quite strongly typed object-related and case intensive programming language.

Our recent students' review

  • "I always wanted to get a job in the IT industry in the field of Cloud Computing and so I took admission in Trishana Technologies. They respected my preference and trained me accordingly. Currently, I am working in a reputed company"- Swati
  • "The concept of Cloud Computing always excited me so I was eager to learn it. Trishana Technologies helped me in learning the concept of Cloud Computing by providing a suitable course according to my need"- Angad

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