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Blue Prism Training in Bangalore

Blue prism training is the training given to help you master RPA processes and best practices using the extensible Blue Prism RPA Platform. To understand this you have to have a clear knowledge about RPA and how it works. RPA is a Robotic Process Automation. It is the form of a business process based on the concept of software robots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers. This also automates interactions with the graphical user interface and often does so by repeating a set of demonstration actions performed by a user.

What Is Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is a software development company in the field of Robotic Process Automation originally based on the UK. This software facilitates faster and cost-effective business operations. Blue prism supports a full range of process automation and easily handles several tasks of your organization freeing the workforce to spend time on higher value work. Blue Prism is functional in removing the noise that occupies most people's days.By taking up the Blue Prism Training in Bangalore organized by Trishana Technologies you can learn to create and maintain automated marketing campaigns. This training provides the candidates with an insight on how this high-quality data can proficiently use consequential Marketing Intelligence and Business Intelligence to identify customer behavior and many more things.

What Are The Objectives Of Blue Prism Training?

It is very crucial for you to know the objectives of a particular training before delving into the course. If information technology and artificial intelligence intrigues you then you should get yourself enrolled in the Best Blue Prism Training Institute in Bangalore. The training here will help you develop the skills and knowledge required for a career as a certified Blue Prism developer. The course here at Trishana Technologies is designed with the purpose of helping you master RPA processes and using the extensible blue prism RPA platform. It aims at educating you about infrastructure and installation models, blue prism administration, change management, and scalability and with that acquiring blue prism jobs will be a cakewalk for you.

Why Should We Learn Blue Prism?

The world is gradually building new processes. This has triggered the need for automation. If technological innovations fascinate you then it’s high time you learned blue prism robotic process automation. Today every organization irrespective of how big or small they are is aiming at optimizing its business processes in a way that it complements the manual strategizing while the process remains uninterrupted. This is enabled by Blue Prism as it facilitates enterprises to automate their tasks and processes. Pursuing Blue prism Training in Bangalore will make you an expert in Robotic Process Automation which will expedite several works like joining formalities of a new employee, payroll processes, and manual documentation of various works. It is also of great value in the insurance sector for premium information, claim processing and clearance.

Who Should Learn Blue Prism?

Any individual who is from a technical background be it developer, project manager, architect, business analyst, administrator or an IT professional who aspire to become an expert in RPA can take up the course of blue prism robotic process automation and serve the automation world. RPA is the latest technology in the field of artificial intelligence which has gained huge success and recognition in no time and is reputed to be the best job oriented course of our time.

A Career in Blue Prism

According to a recent survey, the robotic process automation market could increase to $6.7 trillion by the next 5 years. Due to the increase in the global market for RPA, there are more than 2100 blue prism jobs currently available in the market worldwide. It has become the most popular technology in various sectors. Banking, healthcare, finance, insurance, and many sectors make optimum use of RPA due to its wide spectrum of benefits. Blue Prism provides jobs in departments like sales, product, marketing, research and development, customer office, general and administration, partner strategy in numerous job roles like Company Secretarial Assistant, Project Implementation Manager, and Executive Assistant, etc. Several MNCs like Delloite, Accenture, IBM, EY have switched to RPA and offering these lucratively paid jobs to people trained in Blue Prism.

Prerequisites for the Blue Prism Training

The prerequisites for the training as described by the Best Blue prism Training institute in Bangalore are basic knowledge of networking, windows server administrative tasks, knowledge of programming languages like C and Java would be really beneficial. The course will shed light on Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation, process studio, process flow, inputs and outputs, business objects, object studio, error management, case management, etc. After the completion of the course, you will receive Blue Prism Certification Bangalore.

Features of Blue Prism Training in Trishana Technologies

Trishana technologies have made it possible to conduct Blue Prism Online training in Bangalore. It facilitates setting up demo classes at a convenient time. Here one-to-one discussion is made with students, the starting of batch dates online is flexible, customization of course content can be done, lifelong accessibility of LMS, 24X7 support available, group discussions are done to have various point of views and learn accordingly. The Blue Prism training at Trishana Technologies has high tech infrastructure and lab facilities. The classrooms have in-built projectors to understand a topic with ease. Several concepts under Blue Prism are implemented on real-time projects. The payment method is simplified with EMI option being available. The Blue Prism Certification Bangalore can add momentum to your life and can make you reach great heights in your career.

Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers
Trishana Technologies offer advanced Blue Prism interview questions that will help you crack your interview and earn your desired blue prism jobs. Some of the questions are as follows:

1. What is Robotic Automation?
Robotic automation is a kind of automation where a machine, or computer, imitates human action to complete rules-based tasks.

2. Why blue prism?
Automation process can be designed within IT Governance. It supports both internal and external encryption/ decryption keys, provides audit logs. Blue prism enables high-level robustness because of .NET customized code within the process automation.

3. What Are The Chief Components Of Blue Prism?
The basic components of Blue Prism are:

● Process studio
● Object studio

4. How Is Blue Prism Important?
Due to robotic automation blue prism has resulted in increased efficiency, accuracy, agile process with lower operational costs.

5. Name some popular RPA tools.
● Blue Prism
● Automation Anywhere
● Uipath
● Open Span

6. What are the different stages of the RPA life cycle?

● Deployment and maintenance

● Bot development

● Testing

● Analysis

7. Name some benefits of RPA

● Low cost

● High accuracy

● Growth in analytics

● Customer satisfaction

● Increased growth

● Quick ROI

Syllabus of Blue Prism

The Blue Prism Training in Bangalore has a very structured syllabus pattern covering a wide range of topics. They are:

● Introduction to Robotic Process Automation.

● What is Blue Prism

● Installation of Blue Prism

● Process studio

● Introduction to process flow and configuration

● Inputs and Outputs in Blue Prism

● What are Business Objects

● Object Studio

● Error and cases in Blue Prism and its management

● Case Management

● Additional features in Blue Prism

● Consolidation Exercise

● Advanced Features

● Further application types

● Canopy project in Blue Prism


Have doubts? We have answers to it. So clear your doubts and get enrolled in the Best Blue prism Training institute in Bangalore. Some of your most asked questions are:

Do you offer any discount or offer on the course?

Yes, we do. The offers keep changing from time to time. You can call us or our training coordinator for more details.

Can you schedule the training based on our availability?

Yes, we can discuss with our instructor and schedule according to the time convenient to you.

Do you offer placements to the course seekers?

We will provide you with everything that is required to get placed in a reputed MNC and also forward your resume to the companies we tie-up with. We provide everything starting from the course materials to the explanation of real-time scenarios, preparing your resumes, we will make you gain expertise in every aspect so that you can get a job.

Reviews of our recent students

“Trishana technologies provide the best online training with flexible timing facility. I am glad to have come across it”, said Akash.

Ananya said,” The experience of learning is mind-altering in the presence of well experienced and cooperative trainers. I highly recommend the Blue Prism course of Trishana Technologies.”

The convenience of Its Location

Trishana Technologies take pride in conducting the Best Blue prism training Bangalore and therefore can be rightly said to be the hub of IT. This course has taken the world by storm as Blue Prism is very beneficial in offering better service quality, high accuracy, scalability, quick deployment of services, flexible workforce. With its branches in Marathalli and Kayan Nagar as well Trishana Technologies is able to reach an even larger section of people.

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